Our aim is to provide the highest service to our customers, and to that end, we have developed the following procedures for the fair handling of information.

Our New Zealand Privacy Policy became effective on 24th August 2012 and is regularly updated inline with changes in law, technology and industry best practice, and applies to all information collected about individuals, regardless of how or from where the information is collected. It may be collected in relation to a personal or a business policy, but does not protect information obtained regarding the business or its related entities. It also does not protect information regarding our own employees.
Why we collect Personal Information
Personal information is collected by us in order to appropriately address your insurance needs. Only information necessary for the completion of National Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd (NUA) business or related activities will be collected. This includes information necessary to accept the risk, to assess a claim, to determine competitive and appropriate premiums etc.br />
We may also sometimes collect personal information for the development of better products and services, and for conducting marketing and customer service research. We may sometimes share this information with our related insurance companies in order to serve you better.

Firstly, we usually collect identifying information such as name, address, contact telephone numbers and email addresses. If you are applying for a product we may offer, we may also need to collect specific information that will enable us to supply that product to you. We will collect and store this information in a manner that allows us to assist you in the future.

Some products or services may require us to collect 'sensitive information ', which may include (but is not limited to) your membership of associations, health data or criminal records.

If you do not agree to provide us with the information we request, we may not be able to offer you the product or service you seek.
How we collect Personal Information
Where possible we will collect information about you, from you. If we obtain this information from other sources, we will take reasonable steps to advise you of this disclosure.

When you give NUA personal information about other individuals, we rely on you to have made or make them aware that you will or may provide their personal information to us, the types of third parties we may provide it to, the relevant purposes we and the third parties we disclose it to will use it for, and how they can access it. If it is sensitive information we rely on you to have obtained their consent to these matters. If you have not done or will not do either of these things you must tell us before you provide the relevant information.
Disclosing this Personal Information
This information will only be disclosed to third parties where the disclosure is reasonably required to carry out insurance business or activities unless you have authorised otherwise (or if required by law).

Except where you have consented to it, we will limit the use and disclosure of any personal information provided to us by third parties about you, to the specific purpose for which the information was supplied.

Some examples of entities we may disclose personal information about you to include (but are not limited to) Lloyd's brokers, other insurers or reinsurers, Lloyd's underwriters, Lloyd's Regulatory Division, insurance reference agencies or loss adjusters, assessors, investigators and claims administrators for the purpose of assessments of insurance claims.
Security of your Personal Information
We will endeavour to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

In some cases where we deal with insurers overseas for example, we will need to transfer your personal information overseas in order to properly carry out our business.
Accuracy of and Access to your Personal Information
We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information you provide is accurate, complete and up to date, whenever it is used, collected or disclosed.

You are entitled to access your information if you wish and request correction if required. We may request reasonable costs from you to cover retrieving and providing this information.

You may also opt out of receiving any marketing materials that may be sent by us by contacting us by telephone on 0800 839 129
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